Featured Project


Built to resemble an 18th-century log farmhouse, our customers’ 20-year old home had extensive water damage and the log cabin-style areas were deteriorating. The home needed a renovation of all the water-damaged areas and a complete restoration of its log-cabin-style areas. The couple also requested an addition to expand the master bedroom and a remodel of their entertaining spaces.

Two-Phase Project Creates House Harmony

Entertaining is a large part of our customer’s life. We created a bar area and installed a drop-down movie screen, enabling movie viewing from multiple areas of the home.

Taking in the View

During Phase Two of this project, Micon’s extensive knowledge of unconventional building techniques solved the home’s log structure deterioration issue. We removed and completely reconstructed the log cabin areas.

Phase Two also saw an addition to the home and renovation of the master suite to take advantage of the magnificent views of their property.